Paid Internship in France

    Paid Internship in France

⇒  France is the largest country in Western Europe and the third-largest in Europe as a whole.

⇒  It possesses the second-largest exclusive economic zone in the world. France has been a major power with strong cultural, economic, military, and political influence in Europe and around the world.v

⇒  France has its main ideals expressed in the 18th-century Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen. From the 17th to the early 20th century, France built the second-largest colonial empire of the time, ruling large portions of first North America and India and then Northwest and Central Africa; Madagascar; Indochina and southeast China; and many Caribbean and Pacific Islands.

⇒  France is a developed country, possessing World’s fifth-largest and Europe’s second largest economy by nominal GDP. It is also the world’s ninth -largest by GDP at purchasing power parity.

⇒  France is the wealthiest nation in Europe – and the fourth-wealthiest in the world in aggregate household wealth.

⇒  French citizens enjoy a high standard of living, high public education level, and one of the world’s longest life expectancies.

⇒  France has been listed as the world’s “best overall health care” provider by the World Health Organization.

⇒  It is the most-visited country in the world, receiving 79.5 million foreign tourists annually.

⇒  In 2013, France was listed 20th on the Human Development Index and, in 2010, 24th on the Corruption Perceptions Index.

⇒  The history of the hospitality industry dates all the way back to the Colonial Period in the late 1700s. Things have changed quite a bit since then; the hospitality industry has experienced significant development over the years as it has faced World Wars, The Depression and various social changes. The industry as we know it today began to take form in the early 1950s and 60s, leading the way for growth into the dynamic industry we know today.

⇒  It’s the main factors that influenced the development of the France hospitality industry.

⇒  France Hospitality Industries highly demand domestic and international Labors.

Participant Eligibility:

⇒  Students must be at least 18 years and hold a valid passport and visas.

⇒  Knowledge of the French language is necessary to commence internship.

⇒  Students can subscribe in this program only after acceptance of their application by the Local Manager of the CEI (Centre d’Echanges Internationaux).

⇒  The first part of this program is devoted to upgrading French skills.

⇒  Students accepted in this program must undertake a sequence of group French lessons. A minimum of 40 hours French course is compulsory and 60 hours for students with insufficient French level.

⇒  During the period of French course, students will be accommodated in a host family. Rooms are either single or double with half board.

⇒  The second part of the program is devoted to training in Hotel.

⇒  The training period can be variable. Most students are accommodated and fed by the hotel management, and receive a compensation of appreciation. (Most students are offered accommodation and food by the hotel management and receive a compensation of appreciation).

⇒  This program is open exclusively for current students who are interested in doing training in the hospitality and catering industry in order to enable them validates their university diploma. This program is for participants wishing to combine a real work experience in a French-based company with a language course. The program provides participants with the opportunity of gaining valuable vocational experience, thus increasing employment prospects through the development of language, business, interpersonal and cultural skills. All students attending our work placements from now on MUST be students attending an educational establishment in their own country, and the work placement here must be a compulsory part of their studies and so be the object of a convention signed by the student, their educational establishment and the hosting company.



Montpellier is the capital of the Languedoc-Roussillon region in the south of France, with a population of 260000 – some 25% of which are students. This lively University City with its infectious atmosphere and year round sunshine has something to offer all tastes: a beautiful and historic old town with trendy shops andopen-air cafés; the modern and impressive Antigone area with its Olympic-size swimming pool; and just a short tram-ride away is the Odysseum fun park, a brand-new complex with ice-skating rink, aquarium, planetarium, bowling-alley and multiplex cinema. Not forgetting the sandy beaches and warm waters of the Mediterranean just 8 km away. And Paris is only one hour away by plane.



350-450 Euros per month. Food and Accommodation will be provided by the Hotel.


This has to be borne by the student


6-12 Months

Working Hours

35-40 Hours per week

Time required

1 month for Visa processing from the time of Skype interview.